100-Hole Challenge

Join the ClubsHelp 100-Hole Challenge, a club fund raising activity with a proven track record of financial success. 

Many charity galas, golf tournaments and other significant fundraisers have been cancelled. The 100-Hole Challenge may be played at a participating club or golf course’s convenience, according to social distancing protocols. 

Here’s how to sign up:

  • Select a local or favorite charity to benefit and 90% of the funds raised will be contributed; 10% of monies raised will go to the ClubsHelp Foundation, a 501(c)3, for national support of frontline responders, hospitals and food banks in times of emergency or disasters
  • Clubs or courses can choose a designated day between now and December 31, 2020. A set of regulations will be distributed so all events are run according to the same guidelines.
  • Create a team of 2-3 players and ClubsHelp will provide an customized online pledge resource to assist in soliciting pledges from club members, friends, family and others.
  • If needed, ClubsHelp will attempt to connect single players to teams or teams to golf courses.  

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